Sage Pastel Partner for NPOs

Sage Pastel Partner for NPOs

Sage Pastel Partner for NPOs: Smart, intuitive accounting software tailor made for non-profit organisations.

Accounting and financial management in Non Profit Organisations is different in many ways to traditional business organisations, and we understand this. We also know that many NPOs struggle to tweak and adapt traditional accounting packages for their specific needs. The greatest challenge facing the accounting team of an NPO is reporting the same information in many ways, to different stakeholders. We’d like to lend you a helping hand and alleviate these and many other challenges you face. Our Partner NPO software will help keep your financials in check so you can focus on doing the virtuous work you do.

Key Features

  • Non-profit terminology that NPOs are familiar with, such as surplus, deficit and accumulated funds
  • Create your company in minutes with our NPO-specific default settings
  • Easily create and manage invoices, quotes and purchase orders
  • Effectively create and manage customers and suppliers
  • Track your inventory in as much detail as you’d like
  • View business-critical information at a glance
  • Quickly perform common tasks with our intuitive interface
  • Track specific projects and activities by actual movement versus budget
  • Design standard report templates in Excel and update them straight from your software
  • Add extra modules as and when your business needs them

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December 28, 2016